ECO S Plus

Product Description


ECO S Plus


ECO S Plus Black


The professional trimmer with added power.

  • Powerful, long-lasting cutting power due to use of a 2.4 V motor:
    • Quickly and efficiently cuts through many hairs due to fast cutting blade movement
    • Cutting blades cut even thick sections of hair without clogging thanks to high torque
    • Long-lasting, constant cutting power
  • Chrome-plated carbon steel precision cutting blades (cut length: 0.5 mm):
    • Extreme sharpness due to optimum tooth geometry and razor-sharp cutting blades for a velvety smooth cut you can feel and precision shaping of contours
    • Long-lasting sharpness of the cutting blades due to chrome-plated carbon steel with reduced wear (hardness: 61–62 HRC)
  • Power NIMH batteries mean shorter charging times
  • 30 mm full steel cutting edge – ideal for cutting precision contours
  • Lightweight: 130 g
  • Cutting blade quick release system and easy-cleaning function
  • Includes comb attachment with 4 positions (3/4.5/6/7.5 mm), charger, oil bottle, cleaning brush

Charging time: 6–8 hours
Running time: approx. 60 min.
Weight: 130 g
Motor speed (with fully charged battery): 5500–6000 RPM

Only use original charger!


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