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PURE Inspiration

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Product Description


PURE Inspiration Offset 5.75

Surface with high-quality partial satinisation and hand-polished with sisal
Screw connection
TS screw system
Convex blade with integrated grind and tiny cutting angles for outstanding sharpness and stability, wide shanks and finger rings with high grip comfort, exceptional sharpness and edge retention thanks to the 9% addition of vanadium to the PURE steel and PURE manufacturing process (VP9).

TS-Schraube (Turn Stop)Damaszener StahlAbschraubbarer FingerhakenÖlerxtrem

Allow yourself to be inspired – by the blades made from TONDEO’s new very pure and very hard PURE steel, and by the extraordinary sharpness, the ergonomics and the design of these scissors. Working with PURE Inspiration means sustained outstanding sharpness without feed, in short, pure cutting pleasure!

Information on PURE Steel

Download >> PURE-Steel Flyer (PDF – 3MB)


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